Planning a day to the beach or a visit to the mangrove swamps of Chek Jawa? Why don’t you check out the Singapore Tide Table first?

Why do you need to check the Singapore Tide table, you ask?

Well to engage in some of the activities listed on this website, sometimes you need to know when the tide will ebb and when it will surge.

If you are a beach lover for example and want to check out any beaches of Singapore, with a view to do a spot of swimming in the sea, it’s important to know the tide times around the island so that you can plan which beach to go to at any particular time. This way you will be aware that the current might change while you are out in the sea.

You wouldn’t want any untoward incident to happen when you are having fun now, would you?

Checking the tide calendar is also useful if you want to explore the rich diversity of life around a particular area, say the beaches of Labrador or of Chek Jawa. At Check Jawa for example, low tide means that you can have a better look at the marine creatures around the area.

If your aim to Pulau Ubin is to exclusively check this nature reserve, then knowing the tide times would not have wasted your boat ride.

If you know what time low tide is, you can arrive there like half an hour before so that you can maximise your time exploring the area. Don’t you think it would be disappointing to go to Chek Jawa, expecting to see the beautiful marine life and then realize that all you see is sea water?

Generally, you can expect two low tides everyday. One is usually during the day. As a rough guide, the tides will either increase or decrease by 0.1 m each subsequent day and occur later by about 40 minutes. For example, if today's low tide is 0.2m at 9.00am, tomorrow's may be 0.3m at 9.45am! So do take note.

To check out the tide calendar, just go to this NEA website

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