Cheap mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent should be your weapon of choice in Singapore.

It’s because with the hot and wet season all year round – especially during the months between March and September – this makes Singapore an ideal hotbed for the blood-suckers to show each other a lot of lurrrrveee!


So with juniors flying around and blood-thirsty, it would be really wise to stock up on mosquito repellent.

In case you aren’t aware, they can give you nasty dengue or chikungunya fever (depends on which mosquito bites you).

And it ain’t pretty- I tell ya. Unless you want to endure high fever, aches and pain, or worse – internal bleeding from haemerrhagic fever, you’d better take some precautions.

With so many mosquito repellent in the market to choose from, which one should you get?

Because I use them almost everyday, obviously I’d go for the cheap but effective ones.

For cheap mosquito repellant, get the ones sold at Guardian pharmacy. guardianrepellant It's the one which carries the Guardian brand.

I do swear by this.

For just $4.95 (it was only $3.95 a few weeks ago!) a pack, you get 12 pieces of mosquito repellant patch. It's cheaper when there's a sale.

The mosquito repellent patch comes individually packed.

I love the citronella smell – it's not too overwhelming - and the feel of the patch.

It's not too waxy like some of the others in the market.

You can use it discreetly too. Just stick it to the inside of your shirt or blouse collar, or the inside of the hem of your skirt.

You can also stick it to the inside of your tie. smileyface Sometimes I stick it to the headboard of my bed or on the bed cover.

The only downside is that you might smell like citronella oil – which some people may not like. But it works like a charm in fending off those irritating mosquitoes! (I really hate them!)

Remember to tear it off again from whatever surface you've stuck it on cos the sticky tape is pretty strong so if you don't peel it off the surface the next day, it may get stuck and will be difficult to come off.

The mosquito patch is Deet-free and uses natural active ingredient.


Another repellent I love using because of it's lovely lovely smell is the one that you can find in Boots – the Guardian Pharmacy equivalent in the UK. But that’s the problem –it's only available in the UK. Yeah, what a bummer.

I get my stash when my significant other goes there. If you have anyone heading that way, be sure to get this particular brand.

Smells so nice, I'm surprised it doesn’t actually attract those blood-suckers!


Glade Sachets

glade sachets

Glade sachets help to keep your clothes in the wardobe smelling fabulous.

Just hang 2 of these sachets and you might not even have to use perfume.

For cheap sachets, go to the shop below.

They are selling at 95 CENTS each! Elsewhere they are selling at up to $1.50 a piece. Even Value Dollar store is selling it at $1.30. So get your Glade sachets here.


Pink Beauty (Top to Toe treats) Blk 183, Toa Payoh Central, #01-270

Glade Scented Gel

scented glade

For cheap Glade Scented Gel, you can go to the shop below in Tampines Central which sells them cheap.

It's selling at $5 for 2 or $2.75 for 1.

Pretty cheap if you ask me.

The same shop sells 100 g Sensodyne toothpaste for $4.20 for 1 or $7.50 for two.

One tube of the toothpaste is selling for $7.30 at Guardian's Pharmacy.


So get your fill of Sensodyne toothpaste here and Glade Scented Gel at :

C K Department Store, Blk 513 Tampines Central 1, #01-170C

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