Islands of Singapore

Try island hopping for a bit of fun in the sun!

There are some islands of Singapore which are relatively untouched by urbanization. So why trot over to Bintan or Batam when you can go island-hopping in Singapore's own backyard and save your dollar?

That way, you can plan a day away from the hustle and bustle of city life and yet still leave your passport at home.

Be charmed by the rustic life at Pulau Ubin, the home of Chek Jawa, listen to the folklore that surrounds Kusu Island and marvel at the landfill-turned nature reserve that’s Pulau Semakau. You can also check out St John’s Island where science meets nature at the Tropical Marine Institute.

But these are not the only islands around. Did you know that there are actually altogether 63 islands that belong to Singapore?

Frankly speaking, I don’t even know that some of them exist until recently. But I suppose that’s because some of them are not open to the public.

For those that are, here’s your chance to check them out. Like I mentioned- they are largely untouched, unspoilt and offer you a piece of old Singapore in its original charm.

So forget Sentosa. Put on your sun hat and trekking shoes and get ready to walk on the wild side for some outdoor adventure!

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