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Sigh. The days of cheap movies are perhaps gone.

Once upon a time, movie tickets in Singapore only cost $3.50 a pop. But the last time I went to a cinema, (which was just recently), it has gone up to $10 a ticket!

Yes $10! It’s so bizarre!

How did that happen? WHEN did that happen?

So should you give up the movies and switch to renting DVD for home viewing pleasure?

Well, I don’t know about you but I think some movies really should never be watched on DVD. Like “Transformers” (I watched it 3 times!) or any of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy. It just kills the enjoyment of watching the show.

Special effects lose their effectiveness when you watch them on a 42 inch TV- even if it’s plasma.

And surround sound can never give you the same eardrum-busting excitement at home, as compared to when you watch it at the cinemas, no matter how great your home theatre system is. So that’s why I feel it’s absolutely necessary to keep looking out for those cheap movie tickets.

Well, there’s hope yet. If you want to watch a movie, go during weekdays when tickets are cheaper. Prices generally range between $7.50 and $8.50 during weekdays, though as mentioned, they go up to $10 on weekends.

Here are some ways to watch movies in Singapore on the cheap. If you know of any more ways to watch cheap movies (short of working at the cinema as an usher or manager) write to us.

Come on, do spread the cheer! :P

Cheap Movies at Golden Village

Normal ticket prices: $7.50 Mon-Wed, Thurs before 5pm, $8.50 Thurs after 5pm, $10 Fri- Sun

GV Movie Club:

$6.50 per ticket on Tues, free membership You save: $1

GV Senior Citizen Movie Card:

$4 for any senior citizen above 55 years old You save: $3.50 Mon-Thurs before 5 pm, $4.50 Thurs before 5pm, $6 (Fri-Sun)

If you are a student, rejoice! ‘Cos you get student concession

$6 per ticket Mon-Fri before 5pm. Limited to 2 tickets per student with concession cards.

You save: $1.50 Mon-Thurs, $4 on Fri

Kids watch for free:

Those below 12 years old get in free with purchase of 2 standard tickets (Sat & Sun)

You save: $10

Cheap Movies with these credit cards at GV

HSBC Everyday Movie Privileges Pre-paid card:

Cost $75. Valid for a year, it entitles you to watch 10 movies at any Golden village cinemas.

You save: $2.50 Fri-Sun,

If you buy tickets at the counter from Mon-Wed, you can get $1 off if you are a HSBC cardholder

OCBC Credit/ Debit Card

$7 per ticket Mon-Thurs, $8 per ticket Fri-Sun

You save up to $1.50 per ticket on Mon-Thurs, $2 Fri-Sun


Watching weekend movies may save you up to $2 – if you are lucky. Visa holders can get a 4th ticket free if they buy at least 3 tickets. But this is subject to availability.

SAFRA card members:

$8 per ticket Fri-Sun

You save : $2 Fri-Sun

Cheap Movies at Shaw Organisation

$7 Mon-Wed, $8 Wed for new releases and Thu, $8 Fri before 5pm& eves of public holidays before 5pm, $9.50 Fri after 5pm and eves of public holidays after 5pm, $9.50 Sat,Sun and public holidays

Weekday and Weekend Movie Voucher:

Prepaid $60 weekday movie vouchers in sets of 10 tickets. Can be used only from Mondays to Wednesdays. For weekend movie vouchers, you can get prepaid $80 movie vouchers in sets of 10 tickets for use any day, any time

Save: Up to $2 Mon- Wed, $1.50 on weekends

Student Concession:

$6 per ticket, valid on weekdays before 6pm

Save: between $1 and $3.50

NTUC U-Movies:

NTUC members pay $7, valid for weekends, available or purchase at selected Cheers outlets and the NTUC customer service centre

Save: Up to $2.50

Cheap Movies at Eng Wah cinemas:

$7 Mon-Fri, $9 Thurs- Fri before 5pm, sneak previews and new releases, $9.50 Fri after 5pm. Sat, Sun, eve of public holidays and public holidays

EW Movie Gift Cards:

Stored value of $60 for 10 prepaid tickets, valid for weekdays

Save: Up to $3.50 depending on day and time of the movie

Limited Edition Blockbuster EW Movie Gift Cards:

Stored value of $35 for 4 tickets ($8.75 per ticket), valid for all movies any day, any time

Save: $0.75 per ticket (Fri after 5pm, sat, Sun, eves of public holidays and public holidays)

Senior Citizens Promotions:

Above 55 years old pay $4 per ticket (Mon- Fri)

Save: Between $3 and $5.50

Student Promotion:

$6 per ticket (Mon-Fri)

Save: Between $1 and $3.50

Free Movie for children:

Children under 90 cm enter free with every standard price ticket purchased, no restrictions on day and movie times.

Save: Between $7 and $9.50 per ticket

OCBC Credit card promotions:

Second ticket cost from $3.50

Save: Up to $6 per ticket

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Here's feedback from our web user Lilian.

Lilian from Singapore says:

"Hi, I'd just like to add that for movies, at Cathay from MON-FRIDAY its $6 a ticket for students (before 6pm) and all day for UOB cardholders and NETS cards!! and on weekends its $8 for UOB cardholders."

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In the month of December 2010, Sinema is having a ticket promotion as part of its 3rd anniversary.

Its 2pm shows is priced at $2, 4pm at $4, 6pm at $6 and 8pm at $8.

Check out the article below for more information!

Our thanks to Wen Xin for sending this in!

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